Attorney’s Fees

I am often asked: If I sue can I get my attorney fees? Or on the other hand, if I lose can the other side recover attorney fees from me?

This is an area that is fraught with peril. The information below is general information only. You must consult a lawyer to determine whether and how these general guidelines apply to your situation:

  1. Deceptive Trade Practices: Prevailing consumer shall be awarded Attorney fees. Prevailing defendant shall be awarded fees if suit was found to be groundless or brought in bad faith or for purposes of harassment.
  2. Fraudulent transfer: Court may award fees and costs.
  3. Fraud in real estate or stock transaction: Available.
  4. Action to inspect books and records: Available to director or shareholder who is refused an inspection of the Corporation’s books or records.
  5. Sworn account: Available.
  6. Negligence resulting in personal injury: Not available.
  7. Oral or written contract: Available.

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