Persuasive Speaking: Animal House Version

Speeches that move people to action are always interesting. This speech by Bluto is a classic. And it is an excellent example of one of the keys of persuasion. Recruit one like minded individual to your cause and suddenly you are a movement. Note that Bluto doesn’t have any “followers” until Otter (Tim Matheson) endorses his view. Once Bluto picks up the endorsement of Otter, there’s no stopping them.

This film was released in 1978. Belushi earned $35,000 plus a small bonus for his work. The actor who played Stork (“What the hell we s’posed to do ya moron”) was Douglas Kenney. He co-wrote the screenplay. He died after falling from a cliff in Hawaii in 1980- two years after Animal House was released. The last words he wrote in his journal: “The last few days are among the happiest I’ve ever ignored.”

Recognize your talent. Don’t ignore your happiness.


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