Persuasive Thinking: Psychic Lessons Three and Four

In my continuing series on “How to be a Psychic” I offer lessons three and four.

Lesson 3:  After you have established your authority and  a “team” mentality you can begin the reading. Typically you should focus on one of seven topics that are universally interesting and are likely the reason your subject has sought your advice. These topics include love, health, wealth, careers, education, motivation/ambition and travel. Start by asking questions and making statements from these categories.

Lesson 4: This is a close parallel to lesson three. This lesson makes use of the Barnum Effect. The Barnum Effect is a method that offers something for everyone. This also appeals to the person’s self image. We all like to think we possess positive attributes and we like it when they are reinforced by “objective” people. Here are some ways to employ this method:

“You are generally honest, trustworthy and considerate but there are times when you would rather be selfish.”

“Sometimes you are too honest about yourself. You are a quiet thinker and you want to see proof before you change your mind.”

“You know how to be a good friend. You understand the importance of being honest in your relationships but you wonder whether others are being completely towards you.”

“You appear to be very disciplined to others but sometimes you feel insecure.”

“You are wise to the ways of the world but it is a wisdom gained more from experience  than a formal education.”

To whom would any of the above statements not apply? A good example of this is the following clip:



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