Dennis Fleming- I Forgot to Thank You

After the game Friday night you were standing on the field congratulating all of the players like you always did-and like you always would, right? And I could have said it then but I forgot.

I forgot to thank you for being there to support those kids, win or lose. To help them learn from life’s difficult  lessons and to cherish hard fought victories. To help them understand the metaphor of sports. To give them a hug, a smile, a handshake, a high five. 

I forgot to thank you for your sense of humor, your knowledge of all things trivia. For announcing those games with a passion that transcended the field. For your ability to do more than teach but to connect.  For bringing all of that talent and passion and love to Texas, and to Trinity Valley.

I forgot to say thank you because you were going to be here forever, right? You were going to see all of my kids through Trinity Valley. Your voice was going to be there every Friday night for years to come. And now you’re not. And I forgot to say “Thank You.”  Thank you Dennis.Dennis Fleming


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