Henry S. Miller Commercial Bankruptcy: Back Story

Henry S. Miller Commercial has agreed to enter bankruptcy in response to an involuntary petition that had been filed by three creditors in July.

Here’s the story: Henry S. Miller was the broker for Jim Flaven- the beneficiary of a multi-million dollar trust fund. Flaven wanted to buy $100 million in Texas properties. So the Henry S. Miller broker went to work. The brokerĀ arranged for Flaven to buy a number of properties from BNC Properties. One problem (and it’s a big one): Jim Flaven is a con artist and never intended to follow through with the purchase. So, BNC sued Henry S. Miller and was awarded $8 million.

The whole sordid tale can be found in this article that was published in D Magazine.


2 thoughts on “Henry S. Miller Commercial Bankruptcy: Back Story

  1. An amazing story. Hell, I can’t even get the local Coldwell Banker agent to show me a condo. Maybe I need to start driving a truck.

    • Isn’t that the truth. You need to just have more audacity. Don’t ask to see a condo. Ask to see the biggest building in Austin. It’s all about the big buffalo hunt.

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