Dallas Hedge Fund Fraud Follow Up

There are some mornings I wake up without much to blog about in the world of fraud-that is, until I open the paper or surf some of my favorite sites. Here is a default judgment motion that was filed in New York against Dallas hedge fund operators Clark Hunt and Barrett Wissman. It appears as though these guys have been evading process in a lawsuit brought against them by a woman in whose company they invested.

Where have you heard these 2 names before? They are embroiled in a huge securities fraud, bribery and money laundering case against former New York Controller Alan Hevesi and two of his former associates. The SEC alleged that Wissman, who was then with Dallas based HFV Management, a Dallas Hedge fund (HFV=Hunt Financial Ventures). Wissman allegedly paid $600,000 in kickbacks to land a $100 million investment contract with the State of New York. The story is here.

Wissman sounds like bad news. When your aunt and Godmother think you’re a schmuck, you’re probably a schmuck.


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