AIG=Shameless Slime

I’ve blogged on here before about  corporate slime machine, AIG. Their Vice Chairman for Legal Affairs, Anastasia Kelly, whipped several of her colleagues into a frenzy about being capped at a meger $500,000 salary at the end of last year. So they threatened to quit. After the blowback by the taxpayers, most of Kelly’s co-employees distanced themselves from Kelly. But Kelly was determined to make a point. What she failed to disclose is that she stood to make a multi million dollar bonus if she left by the end of 2009.  That article is here.

Now comes news of memos between Tim Geithner and top officials at AIG that urged AIG to keep quiet about the extent to which it was receiving government assistance. (Government assistance=your money). This article by Eliot Spitzer calls on the government and AIG to disclose all of their e-mails and correspondence so we can see the depth of this sordid relationship. I predict that Geithner is gone by the end of the year. The Spitzer article is here. Say what you will about Spitzer, but he did more to clean up Wall Street than anyone else in the last 100 years.


2 thoughts on “AIG=Shameless Slime

  1. Bravo!!! Your comment about Spitzer just won my attention….Because I have thought precisely the same thing ever since he was hung out to dry. He basically pulled a “Bill Clinton” and was crucified for lack of zipper control. His connections were on the wrong side of the money tree and so he was sacrificed with dispatch at the first possible available opportunity.

    I was stunned at how public personalities like Hannity characterized Spitzer as “mean spirited” for looking out for consumers…As though colossal wire houses and mutual funds should get a gentle pass for quite literally stealing incremental returns daily from main street investors…but my favorite comment was your very last, “…but he did more to clean up Wall Street than anyone else in the last 100 years.” Because…it was just well said and very true. Good writing.

    You mark yourself as an iconoclast. You don’t let other people think for you. I very much look forward to visiting from time to time and I sure hope you keep posting…and thinking!


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