Conan and the Tonight Show: Legal Malpractice?

Conan O’Brien was demoted yesterday and pushed to a later time slot. This move is to allow Jay Leno to move back to his previous 11:35 p.m. (10:35 p.m. Central) time slot. Conan is mighty upset and is “considering his options” including a possible move to FOX. But he may be a little hamstrung because of his contract. He has a personal services contract with NBC which requires him to do “The Tonight Show.” The contract does not specify the time slot for “The Tonight Show”.  So, NBC could move the show to Saturday morning and they would not be in breach.

Unfortunately it appears as though there was an assumption by Conan’s lawyers that the slot for the show would always remain at 11:35 p.m. You know what happens when we “assume”, don’t you?


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