Bank of America Steps In It

Dr. Alan Schroit, a retired oncologist, owns a vacation home in Galveston, Texas. He owns the home free and clear (i.e. no mortgage). In October, he and his wife invited friends to the home to cook salmon and enjoy a quiet weekend. When he tried to unlock the front door he found that the locks had been changed. He then noticed a poster advising him that the house had been foreclosed by Bank of America. Ooops.

Turns out Bank of America foreclosed on the wrong house. When Dr. Schroit finally made his way into the house, he and his friends were overcome with the smell of rotten fish. It turns out his electricity had also been shut off at the request of Bank of America and the salmon had spoiled.

What does Bank of America have to say about this? “We do not believe the case will show merit.” I wonder if 12 good citizens of Galveston County will agree. A link to the story is here.


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