Perry Homes Gets Tagged

Robert and Jane Cull, a couple from Mansfield, have been battling Perry Homes for 10+ years. The Culls bought a home from Perry Homes that had structural and drainage problems. Bob Perry, the owner of Perry Homes, is a huge contributor to Texas politicians including Texas Supreme Court Justices. He is also a zealous advocate for tort reform.

The case was arbitrated in 2002 and the arbitrator awarded the Culls $800,000. Perry appealed the arbitration award and said it wanted a trial by jury. Bad call. The Texas Supreme Court, many of whom had received donations from Perry, ruled in favor of Perry, vacated the arbitration award and remanded the case for trial. A Tarrant County jury yesterday awarded the Culls over $50 million in damages (including $44 million in punitives). As most of you know, Tarrant County is one of the most conservative counties in the entire State.

Perry will likely appeal. I’ll be interested to see what the Texas Supreme Court does with this hot potato.

An interesting story about the sordid history of this case can be found here.


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