Is This Guy Going to Jail? Signs Point to Yes

I had an 8 ball when I was a kid. I hated that thing but I used it frequently to find out whether my pursuit of some adolescent endeavor was going to be successful. “Reply Hazy, Try Again” came the answer. Or “Better Not Tell You Now.” I no longer consulted  the 8 ball after I asked whether my dog, Toby, would survive his heart attack. “It is certain”. Not so much.

So it is with some amusement that I bring you the story of the investor psychic Sean David Morton. He claims to have been trained by Monks in the art of time travel and he can predict the future of the stock market. The name of one of his companies- Magic Eight Ball, Inc. He solicited investors though a radio show, personal appearances and the internet. And he has now been sued by the SEC for swindling investors out of $6 million. I wonder if he predicted that one. And as he tries to foretell his own future, the 8 ball might read: “Outlook Not So Good.”

The New York Times story is here.


2 thoughts on “Is This Guy Going to Jail? Signs Point to Yes

  1. There are a lot of dumb people in this world. Clearly, one way to get rich quick is to find them. The people who should be jailed are the investors who believed this loser could actually time-travel/see into the future and gave up real cash ($6 million???) for him to “invest”. I’ve always felt that time-trvelers have no right being here in the present … if they were any good at it, they would stay in the future and leave the rest of us here the heck alone. Or better yet, they could go back into the past before they were born and do something that ensures they aren’t born with similar relief for all of us non-time-travelers in the present.

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