Monday Lesson: Be Precise

I recently had a call from a person (grantor) who needed to clear up some language in a Deed. The grantor owned a 1/4 mineral interest in a 320 acre tract of land. This person tried to convey 1/4 of that interest to a family member. The Deed simply read that the grantor was conveying “a 1/4 interest.” The grantee was claiming that the grantor conveyed his entire 1/4 interest. The grantor was claiming he only conveyed 1/4 of the 1/4 he owned.  What do you think?

This highlights the problems one might see when documents are not carefully worded to avoid confusion. If you are dealing with real estate or mineral conveyances, you must be extremely precise with your language. It is often helpful, when dividing up royalty interests, to give illustrations or examples to clarify what is being conveyed.


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