Thinking Differently

One reason I enjoy the legal profession is because I am always confronted with puzzles. How do I achieve a certain result when I am working against someone who wants the opposite result? Usually the other side has a smart, well paid lawyer whose only job is to make sure I do not get the result I want. Early in my career this legal tete a tete caused a great deal of consternation. But now I relish it.

I guess I have learned to think differently. First, I appreciate the academic exercise more. I realize that the law is more than a means to an end. I enjoy watching good lawyers craft arguments and strongly advocate their positions. I always learn from watching other lawyers. Second, almost every person I encounter in this profession (i.e. clients, Judges, lawyers) is well intentioned and reasonable.

Note that I said “almost.” Of course there are skirmishes that test your appreciation for the profession. Right now I am engaged in a battle where I have been accused of some scurrilous and false allegations. I know this is part of the game but anytime my reputation is impugned it gets me a bit riled up.

This should be a fun week. I’m waiting for some rulings in three different cases, all of which are very important in terms of the ultimate resolution. But even if they don’t go my way, I’m excited to keep pushing forward. They’ll eventually work out in my favor. They almost always do.


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