Random Tuesday Thoughts

-I joined Facebook yesterday. That has been a fun timewaster. I really enjoy getting reacquainted with old friends.

-There are pictures on Facebook of some of my elementary school classes. I was a mismatched little fella. But speaking of mismatched I left the house this morning wearing grey pinstripe slacks and a blue pinstripe suit coat. Thank goodness for the scrupulous eye of my 11 year old daughter. She frequently asks: “Are you sure that matches?”

-I have a hearing this morning where I am asking a Judge to order a defendant to turn over all of her non exempt assets to a Receiver. She stole LOTS of money from my client; I have a Judgment against her; and it’s time for her to pay.

-I saw that Dixie Carter died. I used to love the show “Designing Women.” Gay or Not Gay?

-That reminds me of a dinner we recently had with some friends. The topic of discussion was what kind of car we drove in high school. Lots of variety including  a Camaro, a Mustang a Z-28, a Dodge Duster….I was noticeably silent. After lots of prodding I finally had to admit that I showed up every day to McGuinness High School in a light tan Ford Van emblazoned with “Tom Hoch Interior Designs” on the side. A female friend blurted out: “That answers a lot of questions I’ve had about you.”

-My property tax lending business-http://www.propertytaxfix.com/– is probably a good barometer for the local economy. And we are seeing a much larger volume of commercial loans.

-Sometimes I can’t tell whether I’m the tiger or the rooster.


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