Wednesday Detour and Frolic

– Detour and Frolic is my favorite legal concept. Typically an employer is responsible for the acts of an employee who is acting in the scope of employment. But if an employee detours from the scope of his employment and engages in some act unrelated to his employment (the “frolic”) the employer is not liable. I frequently engage in detour and frolic. Here are some examples of detour and frolic.

-Speaking of legal concepts, I find that the simplest maxims are often the most relevant and I am using them more frequently than ever. The first is: “If you don’t pay, you can’t stay.” And the other is: “Possession is 9/10ths of the law.”

-One of my greatest talents is being able to pick the lane that will accelerate fastest from an intersection as I approach a red light. I’ve got that down. Quick tip: Do not get behind work vans or trucks, people with pets in the car, people with an arm out the window (especially if it’s holding a cigarette), or people with “Coexist” bumper stickers.

-I finally finished Sonic Boom. It is similar to The World is Flat. It’s about the dizzying pace of globalization. I give it a B.

-I went to a high school baseball game at TCU last night. Perfect weather, lots of friends. And our team won. It was one of those “I wish I could freeze this” moments.

-I’ve received some threatening phone calls lately. I know who the guy is and even though he’s completely unhinged, I’m really not worried.

-I enjoy watching protestors. The tea partiers usually have some pretty funny attendees. And I got a kick out of this sign spotted at a tea party rally.

-Today is “Twitpic Random Interesting People Day”. Yesterday would have been great for that.


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