Wednesday Wisdom

-This is Juan Enriquez. He is one smart and interesting guy. This clip was sent to me by the Headmaster at Trinity Valley School in Fort Worth. I love hearing smart people talk about the future.

– I met with the Headmaster at my kids’ school earlier this week. I wanted to discuss my ideas for adapting the current curriculum to keep pace with socioeconomic and global realities. The thrust of my idea is the need for collaboration between our school and local businesses, charitable organizations, labs, etc. My point is that kids today are much smarter at a younger age. Whereas collaborations in the past were merely mentor /mentee programs or nothing more than glorified “field trips”, collaborations today could actually benefit these companies/organizations. In fact I prefer talking to young people about “adult” problems. Youth are unencumbered by financial or societal restrictions on problem solving.

-The Headmaster at Trinity Valley School is a forward thinker. He’s doing a wonderful job.

– I believe that schools in 15 years will not resemble the schools of today. There will not be as much of a need for the bricks and mortar; traditional classroom learning will be replaced by virtual classrooms; economic considerations will require greater consolidation of resources; there will be greater separation between the really advanced kids and the rest of the kids. These are just a few of the changes.

-A major street  on my way to work has been reduced to a single lane. This has caused long lines during my morning commute. But I am notoriously a “late merger.” In other words, I am that guy who bypasses the long line and sneaks into the flow at the last minute. But this is actually beneficial and helps move the line along faster. If you don’t believe me I would suggest you read the book Traffic: Why We Drive the Way We do (And What It Says About Us) by Tom Vanderbilt.

-During the past decade many small banks bought participations in larger loans that were sold by lead banks. These usually involved commercial real estate projects. Now many of those projects are under water and the participant banks are evaluating their options. I am finishing an article on how to evaluate your rights and remedies under such a scenario. If you would like a copy, let me know.

-I am blessed. Not sure why I put that in there. I just am.


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