Monday Morning: Smells Like Updog

-Do you ever hear about someone you know who is getting ready to do something stupid? I don’t know this person well enough to tell him he’s about to make a huge mistake but I hope someone close to him can advise him before he takes the leap. It will be a train wreck otherwise.

-I bought a book this weekend¬†called “Amazing Face Reading” by Mac Fulfer. He’s a Fort Worth lawyer who specializes in face reading. Pretty fascinating stuff.

-We had our final Frog Club Board of Directors meeting Saturday morning. I am the new Membership Director. I’ll be hitting you up to join. TCU is a hot school right now. There are over 15,000 applications for a class of 1700.

-I have a bench trial this week so unless it gets postponed or settled it looks like I’ll be away from the blog for a couple of days.

– I went to a meeting of the Turnaround Management Association with my friend Tom Hanley last week. I ran into 3 people there with whom I had had some past connection. I went to high school with one guy and I, or a member of my family, had done business with the other two. I love that.

-Speaking of old friends, I reconnected with an old friend recently and I called him by his college nickname. I don’t think he appreciated it. But it’s a great nickname.

-Recent exchange at my house:

Hallie: Dad does it smell like updog in here?

Me: What in the world is updog?

Hallie: Not much dog. What’s up with you?

Walked right into that one.


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