Hump Day Quick Hits

– Poor Allen Stanford is having a rough time of it in prison while he awaits his trial on fraud charges. This article is about his brutal incarceration and requests the Judge let him out on bail. The Judge  dismissed the Motion because it was not in the proper font/typepoint format.

-It looks like some of the fellow inmates have not taken a liking to Mr. Stanford. And I love this picture of Stanford pre-incarceration.

-What sweet irony. I will try to check in with the Receiver’s efforts in the next few weeks and report back. Last I checked the Receiver was doing an excellent job of spending dollars to pick up nickels.

-I hate it when Judges dismiss motions based on technical defects like typeface and font. That’s just ridiculous-and wasteful.

-I once had a Federal Court case where a Judge dismissed the other side’s Motion because the signature block was defective.

-I’ve gotten hooked on the iphone app called Sporcle. Check it out.

-Below are some pics of the 9th green at Oklahoma City Golf & Country Club. Those ball marks are not from my approach shots. They are from the recent hail storm.


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