Tuesday Pole Dance

-I’ll begin with this “wild” pole dancer. Turn up the volume and “getcha back up off da wall.” Sent to me by my cousin who lives in Montana.

-My kids are almost done with finals. School is much harder for kids these days than it was for me. I didn’t really study hard until I went to law school. Some will argue I didn’t study that hard in law school either.

-I found my old college roommate though FB last night. He owns a mexican restaurant in Utica, New York. He was always a “larger than life” Texan. I wonder how he ended up in Utica. Hundred bucks says it’s because of a woman. I’ll let you know. Here is his FB picture. Yep. That’s him.

– According to Fitch Ratings, the default rate for commercial real estate loans packaged within mortgage backed securities hit 8% in the first quarter. Fitch expects that default rate to hit 11% by the end of the year. There is lots of money sitting on the sidelines but the bid/ask spread is still too wide. The money is patiently waiting for a further erosion and it will swoop in and pick this stuff up for a song.

-I read an article about the Economic Adviser Larry Summers. The article speculated as to why a guy as smart as he is was unable to secure a lofty position in the Obama administration. Apparently it’s because he has an abrasive personality and noone likes him. And he has a blind spot about it. It got me to thinking: What do I have a blind spot about?

-My blind spot may be that I tend to steer conversations to topics I want to discuss. Noone has called me on it but I can be fairly obnoxious that way.

-I’m reading Manhood for Amateurs by Michael Chabon. It’s a compilation of essays. Some are better than others. A particular essay on throwing away moments in our lives is excellent.

-I’m also reading a book called A Search for the Gospels. It gives historical color to Jesus’ time on earth. But there are some controversial statements in there.


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