Tuesday Thoughts

-I’m back from a wonderful trip to Tecumseh, Nebraska for the Memorial Day weekend. I will post more comprehensive thoughts later but, in short, it was a fantastic weekend.

-The BP oil disaster will take that company down. There is no way it will survive. And it may turn Obama into a one termer. Now I’m not at all suggesting that this was Obama’s fault. But I think the White House has completely mishandled this from a public relations standpoint. They need to be much more proactive. Here is a link to the many things BP did wrong which led to the disaster.

-The number 3 in command for Al-Qaeda was killed in a drone attack. The story is here. Which reminds me to give a special mention about our men and women in uniform (and their families) who serve so selflessly.

Here is video and a few pictures of a crash on the North Dallas Tollway. That is one scary scene. Incredibly, noone was seriously hurt.


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