Friday Thoughts

-No that is not me leaving DFW airport earlier this week. But the drunk driver of that vehicle survived with only a broken wrist. And she went completely over the car in front of her that was stopped at the toll booth. And yes that is the north exit at DFW airport.

-Thank you to all who commented on yesterday’s post about my mom.

-It’s full blown summer at my house. Kids staying out late, sleeping in, swimming, watermelon, fend for yourself for dinner, the smell of sunscreen…I love it all-except the watermelon. Never been much into watermelon.

-I’m reading Drive by Daniel Pink. It’s about what motivates us. So far it is excellent.

-As a corrolary to my previous segments on Gay or Not Gay, I will have an occasional series beginning today on Angry or Not Angry. So here’s the situation. My kids have been eagerly awaiting their report cards. They were to be e-mailed Tuesday afternoon from school. One came but the other 2 were held up. Why? The business office was holding them until we paid $25 that we owed for a field trip from earlier in the year. I pay lots of money to that school every year in tuition, fees, annual giving campaign etc. I also try to help out up there when I can and I talk up that school to everyone I see. And they hold report card over $25. I’m angry. Would you be?

-I went to the Freshman orientation at TCU yesterday. I was working at the Frog Club booth. I ran into several local kids who are going to TCU next year. Great kids. Great school.

-Speaking of the Frogs. Tonight we play Lamar in a NCAA baseball sub-regional. It’s sold out. It should be a great time.

-Here is the play of the year in college baseball.


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