Tuesday: Credibility and Crooks

– I skipped Monday because of a court hearing that went longer than expected.

– Big reason I never watch the news: They always get it wrong and noone ever seems to care. A case in point is the gas pipeline explosion in Johnson County yesterday. The initial reports said six dead. Then a report said 6 injured and 10 “missing.” Last night the reports had 3 dead and 6 injured. This morning there was 1 dead. If I was wrong that often I wouldn’t have an ounce of credibility. But people keep tuning in.

– The summer after my first year in law school I clerked for a law firm in Oklahoma City. One of the senior lawyers there was Nick Wilson. Nick was always the gentleman. Soft spoken, smart and well respected. Last week he left the office around lunchtime, walked a few blocks to the top floor of a downtown Oklahoma City parking garage and leapt to his death. What drives a man to do that? I’ll never understand.

– Do you wonder how Bernie Madoff is handling jail? Wonder no more. Link is here.

– Below is a great clip from the unveiling of the new iPhone yesterday. Steve Jobs is trying to download a page from nytimes.com and he gets the same wretched response I always get on my i phone i.e. “the server could not be reached.” After an embarrassing two minute delay a fuming Steve Jobs asks a colleague whether he has any suggestions. Someone from the audience yells: “Verizon.”


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