Protest Friday: Big 12 and BP

I am protesting the realignment of conferences. Well, not conference realignment so much. Just the fact that the big schools get to dictate conference realignment.

The reality is that money dictates this deal. Example: Indiana University is in the Big 10. University of Texas is in the Big 12. The athletic programs at UT are among the best every year top to bottom. The stand alone revenue produced by the athletic programs at UT outstrip every other college by a mile.

BUT Indiana University earns in excess of $20 million each year from the Big 10 television contract. UT earns about $7 million every year from the Big 12 television contract.

And Baylor needs to quit whining that they might be left out in the cold. Baylor smoked TCU when the Southwest Conference broke up. Interestingly, since that time, TCU has thrived and Baylor has tanked.

Baylor is the whiniest institution in all of Division 1. Texas legislators want there to be some action taken to preserve the Big 12. Mark Shelton represents the 97th district. He was quoted in the Star Telegram this morning as follows: “Most of the legislators who have Baylor connections want to keep the Big 12 intact.” District 97 is in Fort Worth and includes TCU. I’ll make certain I remind voters of this guy’s allegiances in the next election.

My second protest is against BP. I stated 2 weeks ago on this blog that BP will not survive this catastrophe. I will be proven right. But Representative John Boehner believes the taxpayers should pay for this mess. Article here.


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