Friday Week in Rear View

-Father’s Day is this weekend and I am going with my family to see Toy Story 3. I love that franchise and the reviews are excellent. Here is a preview.

-I love Pixar. Pixar began as a computer manufacturer. They built a high image computer that was a flop. But one of the sales people for Pixar would create animation on the computer to show off the computer’s capabilities. He was so good they started an animation company.

-Toy Story 3 is the 11th Pixar film. The previous 10 Pixar films have grossed a combined $5.5 billion at the box office. Each Pixar film has a character voiced by John Ratzenberger of Cheers fame. He is Hamm in the Toy Story series. The company considers him it’s good luck charm.

-Steve Jobs bought Pixar in 1986 for $5 million. Disney paid $7.6 billion for it in 2006.

-Speaking of Father’s Day, Nicholas Kristof tries to make this column about Father’s Day but it’s a stretch. Interesting topic however. This one is about rats that are trained to detect land mines. Incredible.

-I thought Obama’s speech (and his overall response to the Gulf oil spill) was horrible. Poorly worded.Ā Scattered. Poorly delivered.

-But leave it to Joe Barton to steal the spot light with his tone deaf apology to BP. What a bonehead. But Jon Stewart has a great piece about Barton. Link is here.


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