Wednesday Wanderings

– These kids are watching a World Cup soccer match. I’m still having a hard time getting into soccer. Problem: The games have long periods of time with little action. The games can, and often do, end in a tie. Several games have ended in 0-0 ties. Yawn. The referees are biased and unaccountable. Give me real football any day.

-Quick english lesson. Loath v. Loathe. Loath is an adjective which means”unwilling.” Example: “He is loath to work at a job which pays less than minimum wage.” Loathe is a verb. It means “to hate.” Example: “He loathes Osama bin Laden.”

– Speaking of bin laden, how about this guy Gary Faulkner. He’s dying of kidney disease but he decides to spend what is left of his life to hunt bin laden. He was arrested with a ninja sword, a dagger and a pistol. I have a former client who was a bouncer at Billy Bobs. Total badass. He once told me that he could get bin laden if you gave him a helicopter, a rope, a bow and arrow and a case of beer. And I believe him.

-According to census figures the D/FW metro area grew 25% in the past 10 years. More than a million people moved here. Most of them travel on Hulen and Bryant Irvin streets at the most inopportune times.

– This General McChrystal story just doesn’t add up. A Four Star general spills his guts to a writer for Rolling Stone? There is something else at work here. Maybe the General wants to be fired. Maybe he wants to direct attention to the ongoing trouble the military is having with fighting a war that doesn’t have the every day support of the American people. This war has been going on for almost 10 years. Over a thousand US troops have been lost in Afghanistan. How often does it even cross your mind?

-Frogs play in an elimination game tonoght. I’ll be wearing my lucky shirt and cap.


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