Eating My Words

– I rarely have to eat my words so quickly after a post but today I have no choice. Yesterday I wrote about my disdain for soccer. Then about 3 hours later my son sent me a text message that read: “USA, USA”. I went to the internet to learn that Landon Donovan scored a thrilling goal in extra time to send the US soccer team to the next round. Then another text from my son: “Proud to be an American!!” And it dawned on me. I was not seeing the big picture. This is about more than soccer. And I’m on board. (I have learned more about myself from my kids than I ever imagined.)

-AND I was wrong about McChrystal. I don’t believe that he had a grander plan in mind when he gave his interview to Rolling Stone. I didn’t realize that this is the same General who was implicated in the Pat Tillman cover up. Author Jon Krakauer did a book on the Tillman cover up. Here he is talking about McChrystal on Meet the Press.

-But I did wear my lucky shirt and hat to bring the Frogs a huge and thrilling victory in the College World Series last night. I’m like Michael Scott. I’m a little stitious.


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