I’m Back!!

-I had a great time on vacation but I feel a little like this pilot. I bailed out just in time.

– Went to sunny(?) California. One of the highlights was in the Amazing Los Angeles Race. It is similar to the CBS television show. My family was a team and we competed against 13 other teams. We all met in the parking lot of the Hollywood Bowl where we were given our first clue. The successive clues took us to Graumann’s Chinese Theater, on the LA subway to Downtown Los Angeles, Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Central Library, Farmers Market, Walk of Fame and the Kodak Theater. Took about 4 hours and we came in 5th place. It was loads of fun. I highly recommend this excursion. Here is a link.

– New this morning. The war in Afghanistan is not going well. Here is a link.

– Since I started with a sensitive topic, I might as well jump the rest of the way in. Is Barack Obama more conservative than Ronald Reagan? Read this article, then let me know what you think. Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck and Sarah Palin would run Reagan out of town on a rail if he ran today. Another example of the saying: “I did not leave the Republican party. The Republican party left me.”

-We’re in the dog days of summer. So let’s act like this dog.


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