A Little Stitious

_-Happy Friday the 13th. I know I’ve played this clip before but it’s so perfect for today.

-This episode of The Andy Griffith Show is another great treatment of superstition and “psychic phenomenon.”

-Technology blows me away. I read in this blog post that the CEO of Google was recently speaking about the pace of technology. He stated “there was 5 exabytes of information created between the dawn of civilization through 2003 but that much information is now created every 2 days.”

-Speaking of technology, I bought an Ipad. I love it. Especially iBooks. The bricks and mortar bookstores will be gone in 5 years.

-Technology is making whole industries obsolete. Take headhunters for example. Monster.com and craigslist will make that profession largely disappear.

-I had an interesting comment to a recent post. It was from a guy in New York who was surfing the web and came across my blog. He found it with the search term “Tim Hoch.” That is his name as well. Pretty cool. And nice to meet you Tim Hoch!

-Apparently there was a plane crash in Ghana and for some crazy  reason I am now the beneficiary of $7.5 million. All the guy needs to cut the check is my contact information and my SSN.

-I’ll be a little scarce next week. I will be in trial. It should be fun. After that I plan to take my $7.5 million and take a little trip to Gullible Island.

-My son told me there is a new kid at his school who is a foreign exchange student. Either he was mumbling or I don’t hear very well because I could have sworn he said foreign “sex change” student. That could have made for an interesting PTA meeting.


One thought on “A Little Stitious

  1. Nice to meet you too…. so the million dollar question is do you pronounce your name: Hock or Hotch? Mine is the latter, but everyone always pronunces it Hock…. I usually don’t correct them… :o)

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