Firsts and Lasts


– Last night was the final withdrawal of combat troops from Iraq. But we still have 50,000 troops over there. My nephew is over there as well. Tell me again why we went. Oh yeah, we wanted to free the Iraqis from the oppressive regime of Saddam Hussein. If we’re so all fired up about Iraqi “freedom” why can’t we afford Muslims the freedom to build a mosque in New York City? And don’t tell me it was about the WMDs.

– Over 4400 American service men and women died in Iraq. 32,000 injured. Untold billions spent. And for what? That country will dissolve into chaos in the next 12-18 months. If you think Afghanistan is safe haven for terrorists, just wait to see what Iraq looks like in 5 years.

-And now we have crazy politicians like Charlie Gohmert warning us about “terror babies.” Seriously, how do these people get elected? And this guy was a Judge.

-Yesterday was the first day of school. The most vivid recollection I have of the first day of school was when I started 5th grade at Christ the King. The week before school started we went shopping at Shepler’s (“Your Western Outfitter”). I convinced my parents that I had to have a yellow jean leisure suit. We didn’t have uniforms then. I wish we had. I showed up in my new suit and was roundly ridiculed. Of course I was way ahead of my time and those fashion idiots just could not appreciate the statement I was trying to make.

– I spent Saturday night in the company of some very good friends from high school. One was in town from Virginia; two came down from Oklahoma City and two live in Dallas. We had a wonderful time. I love those folks.

– One of these friends sent me a manuscript for his Memoir. It is about growing up with his drug addled, insane brother and the entire family dynamic. It is beautifully written and will certainly be published. I went to elementary school with him and grew up two blocks from him. I knew his family well. I knew there were issues but I had no idea the depth of them. The Memoir is devastating and depressing but oddly triumphant.  

– It’s amazing how little we know about the baggage people have to carry around day to day. I spoke with a man who lost his son to suicide. I asked how he was coping. He said he feels so blessed. I asked what he meant. He told me that since his son died people have shared with him their own stories of loss and pain and that, compared to them, he has been so fortunate. Now that’s a man who can find perspective.


2 thoughts on “Firsts and Lasts

  1. You forgot the ‘war on terror’. First it was WMDs, then it was changed to fighting those pesky terrorists and finally, freedom for Iraqis. I believe they settled on this last one because they knew that no one in America had the slightest concern about Iraqis or their freedom and would quickly lose interest if there were no reference made to fighting or big, scary bombs. Brilliant.

    My new favorite blog. Keep charging.

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