Higher Consciousness

I’ve started a book called Strangers to Ourselves: Discovering the Adaptive Unconcious. It’s pretty dry but has some interesting observations. And it will make you marvel at the human brain. Did you know that our eyes alone receive and send over 10 million signals to our brain every second.  Scientists believe that humans can only consciously process about 40 of them per second. So there are 10,999,960 pieces of information that go unprocessed each second. The way we decide what to process is a fascinating study.

The other interesting thing about our conscious brain is that our perception only allows us to experience our consciousness in ourselves. Our subjective, completely self centered experience is unlike anyone else. So if I describe my vacation to California to you, you will naturally superimpose your own subjective consciousness over what I describe. Or if I say something is red, it’s highly probable that you see a different shade than I see.

Finally, our perceptions are often associated with maintaining our sense of well being. Put another way, we are predisposed to interpret our perceptions in a light most favorable to us. If we did not get a promotion it’s because the boss was an idiot.

I will have other insights to share on how we process and manipulate our consciousness in the coming weeks.


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