Count Your Blessings

– Heard this one from a friend. If your problem is a problem that money can fix, you ain’t got a problem.

-The final report on the murder suicide involving the Coppell Mayor has been released. Such sadness.

-I’ve been a little slow with blog posts lately because I have been writing the recap for the Trinity Valley football team. It’s harder than it  sounds.

-What would you do if you uploaded pictures of your baby and found out 10 years later that one of the pictures is all the rage in a foreign country? Interesting story about such a thing in the New York Times. Link is here.

-Think about the last time you spent $500 on a material item for pleasure (i.e. a television, clothing). Now think about the last time you spent $500 on an event that you shared with someone (i.e. concert, sporting event).  Which did you enjoy more? Which one registers a happier memory? The experience always wins for me. Hands down.


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