Friday Week in Review

-Happy Friday! If you missed the “History of Rap” duet by Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake, click here. It is worth watching. Great stuff.

-I wrote a blog post on December 3,2009 about The Art of War by Sun Tzu. In a comment to that post my friend Mike Moore suggested that I read The War of Art. I had never heard of that book and, frankly, had forgotten Mike’s recommendation. Then when Mike commented on my last blog post my memory was jogged. So I went and bought the book. And I am sure glad I did.

I couldn’t find it as an e-book but it is available in paperback. If you are having any internal struggles with creativity or motivation this book is your CPR.

This obituary of Clinton Manges is wonderful. You know you’re a colorful character when your own daughter remembers you as an “ornery old bastard.”

-I wish I could write like Thomas Friedman. This article on the Tea Party movement precisely summarizes my sentiments.


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