Every Face Tells a Story

My brother, Will, and my nephew, William, visited Fort Worth this weekend. We had a great time as usual. On Saturday afternoon we sat down for a hamburger in a tent outside Amon Carter stadium before the TCU football game. That’s when a friendly guy at the table introduced himself. Mac Fulfer. I immediately recognized his name. Mac is a non practicing lawyer who now makes his living reading faces. He travels all over the world performing his craft. I first heard about Mac several years ago from my aunt June Clements. She took one of his classes through the extended education program at TCU. June, a TCU English professor, believed that every face tells a story.

Mac politely asked whether I would mind if he read my face. I was skeptical but consented. He nailed it. His reading lasted several minutes and was quite detailed. I will not recall everything he said but just to paraphrase he mentioned that I am independent and impatient. If there are 10 steps to a problem I’ll go through steps 1 and 2 but then I want to get to step 10 without bothering with steps 3 through 9. I am more comfortable working alone or with just a few others than in a big group.

Then he read Will’s face. He said that Will is more patient. He also said that Will is more of a consensus builder and that he has the patience to work with others through all 10 steps of a problem to find a solution. There were several other things he mentioned about both of us but it was pretty clear to both Will and I that his analysis was accurate.

I actually bought his book Amazing Face Reading a few years ago. I have also read The Definitive Book of Body Language by Allan and Barbara Pease. If you have any interest in these topics, both of these books are excellent resources. Mac can be found at http://www.amazingfacereading.com/.


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