Bloody Justice

Allen Stanford sits in a Texas jail awaiting trial on charges that he operated a $7 billion Ponzi scheme. According to reports he is extremely despondent and suicidal. So are many of his victims.

Shortly after Stanford’s scheme was exposed I was contacted by a number of victims who had lost their entire life savings by investing in Stanford’s bogus certificates of deposit. Their stories were heartbreaking. I did not take any of the cases because a receiver was appointed to try to recover investors’ money. I did not feel I would be able to add value to the recovery efforts.

The reports from the Receiver are not encouraging. And Stanford has still not been tried. But that doesn’t mean Stanford is having fun. I laugh at the notion offered by some people that federal prison is a “country club.” Any confinement is bad and federal prison is no exception.

If you disagree I invite you to view the pictures below. It seems as though Stanford had a melee (though it appears to have been one-sided) with some of his fellow prisoners. The top picture is a shot from the good old days. The bottom picture is a shot taken shortly after he received a little “rough justice.”


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