Detritus of a Fraud

I am sticking with the Ponzi schemer theme this week. For those of you who want to own a piece of financial history I suggest you attend (in person or online) the auction this weekend of the personal effects of Bernie and Ruth Madoff.

The United States Marshal’s office is holding an auction and I am providing a link to the catalog here.

You can purchase T-shirts and workout clothes worn by Bernie and Ruth. There are several books, paintings, dishes appliances and pieces of furniture. All in all it is a pretty mundane collection except for the fact that these were once owned by the biggest fraud in the history of Wall Street.

This made me wonder what my personal effects would fetch at auction. We can start in the drawer of my bathroom where most of my personal items are stored. There are several works of art from my kids (circa 1995 through 2002); a few Caesar’s Palace poker chips with Celine Dion’s picture; a half used can of Right Guard deodorant;  three little goody bags from visits to my dentist which contain new spools of dental floss; nose hair trimmers that are in current need of a workout; and an assortment of golf tees. What’ll you give….what’ll you give….


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