Year In Review-Part One

Every year around this time, various magazines and newspapers publish their “Best of” lists. I’m not really qualified to publish such a list because 1) I do not read enough books or see enough movies or immerse myself in enough culture to give an honest account and 2) I have a terrible memory.

But that is not going to stop me from putting out my own “Best of…” list over the course of the next few weeks. So here are a few items for your consideration.

1. Best television commercial: This one is a tie between 2 Geico commercials. The first is the Woodchuck commercial.

The second is also a Geico commercial.

2. Best book. I have enjoyed a number of books this year. But just because I read them this year does not mean that they were published this year. Here are just a few: Game Change by John Heilemann (about the 2008 Presidential election); House of Cards by William D. Cohan (about the fall of Bear Stearns); The Big Short by Michael Lewis (if you want to know anything about the subprime mess in an easy to understand book this is the one); Hellhound On His Trail by Hampton Sides (fantastic book about the assasination of Martin Luther King and the hunt for James Earl Ray); Life by Keith Richards; Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott (this is a wonderful book about the art of writing).

I will add other categories in the next few weeks including Best New Fort Worth Restaurant; Best New Invention (to me); Best New Technology Device (to me) and many more.


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