Year in Review

Time magazine recently named Mark Zuckerberg as its “Person of the Year.” And there is no question that Facebook is a behemoth in terms of revenue and reach. But as big as Facebook has become, I personally believe that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange is a better choice. He has shown the raw, unbridled power of the information age. And that tooth paste is out of the tube. Assange will spawn and empower thousands of other information vigilantes. Our society will have a transparency that is completely unprecedented.

But I want to digress for just a minute and show you a video of a person who I would propose as “Person of the Year.” In October, CNN ran a series on “Heroes.” Narayanan Krishnan was one of the featured heroes. I am always awestruck when I see people who dedicate their lives to serving others. And not just serving others while getting paid a nice salary from a charitable foundation, or serving others by volunteering a few hours a week. I’m talking about people who are all in. People who make it their mission every single day.  When I’m honking at a car for cutting me off in front of the mall, or you’re waiting in line at the Apple store, this guy is shaving the face of a homeless man in India. Watch this.

I also want to share yet another story on words. This story from the New York Times recalls the new words from 2010. Click here.

Finally there is this slideshow about the people in 2010 who ran through their 15 minutes of fame.


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